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Snow leopard’s incredible camouflage coat mesmerizes the whole world

Of all the big cats in the world, the one that fascinates me the most is the snow leopard.

The elusive cat finds its home in barren and inhospitable mountainous areas. But instead of banding together in packs, the snow leopard has learned to survive alone—with the exception of females raising their cubs.

The hunting technique of the snow leopard is a subject in itself, but the big cat often sneaks up on its prey and makes a quick attack.

This requires excellent camouflage, something nature photographers have managed to capture in stunning images throughout the years.

Scroll down to have a look for yourself—and see if you can spot the snow leopard in each picture!

Can you find the leopard?

Spot the wild Snow Leopard! Somewhere in this shot a Snow Leopard is sitting waiting to attack a Bharal (Blue Sheep). Can you see him?

Publicerat av Inger Vandyke FRGS – Expedition Leaderden 29 april 2015

If you look closely, you can just make it out…


Can you see where the leopard is hiding here?


Here it is!


There’s also a snow leopard hiding in this picture.


Not convinced? Look again…


How amazing is this animal?


I really hope that the snow leopard, an endangered species, can live in peace and avoid poachers.

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