Squirrel finds a nut, his reaction when he tastes it has the whole web rolling over with laughter

We all have a favorite meal or snack that we just can’t resist.

There’s always that one food that just melts in your mouth and tastes so good that you just dream of the next time you get to eat it again.

It’s something you can’t really describe… but here’s a squirrel that demonstrates it very well.

This clip, which was posted on YouTube, shows a squirrel joyfully finding a nut in a garden.

We all know squirrels have a soft spot for nuts. And this clip proves just what a soft spot that is.

As soon as this little guy takes a bite, his reaction is priceless. 

It’s not hard to understand why either.

Let me just put it this way — that must’ve been the tastiest nut in the whole wide world.

Take a look for yourself below.

All you can do is smile when watching this hilariously adorable video.

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