Stubborn Husky Refuses To Get Out Of The Tub When It’s Time To Go For A Walk.

On one hand, Zeus is just like any other Husky—he’s stubborn as can be. But he’s also very different.

While most dogs do whatever they can to avoid baths, Zeus is just the opposite—he loves playing in the family bathtub. Here Zeus lies in the tub and hopes his mom will turn on the water. Actually, it’s time for his walk, but when his mom tries to get him to get out of the bath, he refuses. He’d much rather swim than go for a walk.

When Zeus’s mom asks him to get out, he whimpers, whines, and howls back at her. He refuses to take no for an answer. For nearly one minute, he remains in the tub and whines each time his mom tries to get him out.

In the end, he gives in, but he’s definitely made it clear what he really wants to do… in an extremely cute manner. You almost feel a little sorry for him lying there and not getting his bath. Maybe he gets one when he finishes his walk…

See Zeus’ adorable temper tantrum below.

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