Stunning Rescue Photos Reveal What It Takes To Save A Trapped Dog.

Rescuing an animal is rarely as easy as it appears in the movies, which is why animal rescuers deserve a lot more credit than they get. And after seeing some pictures online recently, I have new appreciation for these real-life heroes. So in order to spread the word about what it can be like to rescue a stranded animal, and to help animal rescuers get the recognition they deserve, I thought I’d share this story here. A few months ago, Washington State Animal Response Team (WASART) shared photos on Facebook of a complicated and dangerous mission they undertook to save a stranded pup. And as you’ll see, a lot goes into the dangerous rescue mission. I never thought it could take 20 people to save one dog, but with a mission like this, it can. Scroll down to see the inspiring pictorial below.

For days, the dog had been stuck between a raging river and a steep, rocky incline.

Just getting to the stranded dog was a challenge, but 20 volunteers from WASART and Summit to Sound Search & Rescue (STS) didn’t let the difficult landscape get in their way.

The first step was for someone to swim across the river and anchor a guideline on the other side. Just in case the swimmer got swept away, team members traveled downstream to be ready to rescue him.

A second person then followed the guideline across the river and carried the equipment the team would use to carry the dog back to the other side.

But the biggest challenge would be to persuade the frightened dog down to the the steep slope to the river. It took several attempts, but a rescuer named Marcia was finally able to grab hold of the pup.

Next, the rescuers fitted a muzzle over the dog’s snout and attempted to bring the dog across the river.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite according to plan.

“Marcia and the dog ended up on the water as the responder side team hauled on the ropes as fast as they could to get the pair over,” WASART wrote on Facebook. “Marcia held on to the raft with one hand and kept the dog’s head above the water with the other.”

Luckily, the dog quickly made it to dry land, where he shook himself off on the riverbank.

Once the dog reached the other side, volunteers took him to the vet for a checkup.

The only thing left was for the team to pack up and celebrate a successful mission.

And now the dog is well on his way to finding health and a good home.

“We hear he’s doing well,” wrote WASART on Facebook. “He’s a bit underweight, but has had some food and is settling in at Whatcom Humane Society.”

To help support WASART in rescue missions like this one donate to their cause. And if you were impressed by the work that went into rescuing this dog, share these pictures in appreciation of their efforts.

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