Terrified dog fights for her life in a well – then a stranger throws himself in the water

Unfortunately, there are a lot of abandoned, stray dogs in the world, and this particular group of four-legged animals often finds itself in dangerous situations.

In India, it’s all too common for homeless dogs to get trapped in open wells. And luckily, in this case, a group of kids noticed the struggling dog and sounded the alarm.

When animal welfare organization Animal Aid Unlimited arrived at the scene, rescuers found the terrified dog trapped in a deep and dirty watering hole.

As far as the team could judge, the dog had fought for her life for several hours. She sought refuge in a small corner of the well, but refused to move from there.

Who knows how she would have fared if no one came to the rescue?

Of course, Animal Aid Unlimited didn’t hesitate to send a rescue worker into the well to rescue the poor dog.

The man jumped into the water and managed to get a grip on the dog. The duo were then lifted out with the help of rescue workers standing on solid ground.

Despite this traumatic situation, the dog recovered fairly quickly. Just hours later, the spark of life returned and she started cuddling the heroes who had saved her.

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