Why your dog follows you to the toilet – the reason is more significant than you think

One of the wonderful benefits of having a dog is that you always have company.

However, there are times when you just want to be left alone. Like say — when you need to use the restroom.

If you have ever taken care of a dog, you know that they are more than happy to follow you along when you need to do a number one or two. What many people don’t know however, is that they do it for a specific reason.

Here is a list of nine things dogs do and what they really mean.

1. The classic ‘puppy eyes’

When someone gives you the ‘puppy eyes’ it’s usually because they want something, but that does not apply to our pets.

When dogs give us the ‘puppy eyes’ it’s to show trust and that there is an emotional bond between you. Aww!

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2. They come bearing gifts 

By gifts, we of course mean when your dog leaves you something that they have been carrying in their mouths.

When they do this, it’s because they want to show you something and share just how much it means to them. 

3. Cuddles after dinner

When a dog is full from eating food and feeling satisfied, it’s feeling extra good and wants to share that feeling.

You might have noticed that your dog usually wants to cuddle around this time. If that’s the case, then be glad, because it means your pet feels comfortable around you.

4. When the dog knows something is wrong

Dogs don’t have to be able to speak to understand that something is wrong.

That’s because dogs are good at reading body language and if they notice that you are sad it’s not unlikely that they’ll comfort you.

So yes, if this has happened to you it means your dog knows what’s up.

5. When they follow you to the toilet

If your dog is following you into the bathroom when you need to do your ‘business’, it’s a good sign.

It shows your dog feels close to you. 

According to veterinarians, dogs instinctively want to do everything with their family.

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6. When they lick your face

If a dog wants to lick your face, it means you make them feel good.

A dog is releasing stress when it’s licking someone’s face, but it’s also a way of showing love.

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7. It goes wild when you get home

One great thing about dogs is that they don’t hide their feelings.

A dog who jumps frantically when you get home is just really happy to see you. Be grateful!

8. When they lean against you

When your dog leans against you, it’s seeking love and safety — dogs need to feel this just as much as we do.

9. When they crawl into your bed

Dogs sure know how to make themselves feel like home wherever they go. They can make any spot a cosy comfortable nook.

You’ve likely noticed that they love to crawl up in your bed. That’s because they can sense and smell you, even when you’re not there, and this makes them feel fuzzy and warm. 

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Dogs are not just amazing pets but they are very sensitive and considerate animals. 

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