The Animal Lovers Who Saved Henry The Golden Retriever Deserve All The Love In The World.

The Animal Lovers Who Saved Henry The Golden Retriever Deserve All The Love In The World.

Eight-year-old golden retriever Henry was found abandoned and alone on a beach in Southern California. And shockingly, he had a massive 46-pound tumor on his side, KTLA News reports. When animal rescue workers were brought to the scene, they knew that it would be expensive to save the dog’s life. But they also saw that he had a lot of life in him, so they immediately sought out a veterinarian who could help the lovely dog.

Henry suffered from a tumor and the dog was abandoned by his owner just when he needed him most. But still, Henry was upbeat when Newport Beach Animal Control staff rescued him.

“He has so much love, and life to live, that we wanted to give him a chance,” said supervisor Valerie Schomburg.

Schomburg and her team searched for vets willing to take on Henry’s case and soon found one. But such a major surgery was going to be expensive. Luckily, some generous animal lovers refused to let Henry die and donated thousands of dollars to cover his surgery.

Then, five days after Henry was rescued, the vet performed Henry’s surgery and successfully removed the dog’s tumor. And he instantly became pounds lighter and much happier.

“You can’t keep him down,” Schomburg said.

Now, Henry is recovering and waiting for the results of a biopsy to find out if his tumor was cancerous. And the search for a new, loving family for this 8-year-old sweetie has begun.

Note: this video of Henry may be difficult for some viewers to watch, but the footage of the golden retriever after his surgery is truly lovely.

We wish Henry the best on his road to recovery. Isn’t he a wonderful dog? I’m so impressed that he’s remained so happy throughout the entire process. Please share Henry’s story with the animal lovers in your life!
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