The Bear Seems To Be Holding Her Cub. But Watch To See What She’s Really Doing!

If there is one animal in particular that I have tremendous respect for, it’s bears — bears of all shapes, sizes, and colors. But if you know what’s good for you, you best stay away from the very potentially dangerous animals.  But after watching this incredible clip, I can say honestly that I’m worried the next time I see a bear I might feel like running into its furry arms instead!

The video introduces us to a dog trainer in Churchill, Canada, who was tired of having to try to keep his dogs back when they were out, because of the many polar bears in the area.

But the trainer decided to cautiously allow his dogs to approach the bears and see what would happen. What occurs is just amazing to watch. It turns out that polar bears and dogs make the best of buddies.

The dog trainer however continues to fire warning shots if the bears get too close to him. While the bears get along fabulously well with the dogs, he is not willing to take the chance and see if they’ll also get along well with him!

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