The Began Their Desert Trek But Never Expected To Find This Along The Way.

While on a desert expedition, a couple of explorers suddenly heard noise coming from an old tire. They approached it — and to their surprise, discovered an abandoned puppy hiding and shivering in it. The explorers called their discovery “Sufferpup” after the name of their desert expeditions “Sufferfest”. And what they would do next dramatically changed the course of events for this adorable little pup forever. I can barely stand how cute he is!

“He’s a little survivor. I took my thumb and gave him water and he suckled water off my thumb, then nibbled on the string cheese,” Cedar Wright, one of the National Geogtaphic explorers that discovered the puppy says.

Thankfully, Sufferpup went from a sad, shivering little close to death to a happy little puppy.

“Not only did we find a puppy, but we found arguably one of the cutest puppies in the world. He’d been abandoned,” Cedar says.

I couldn’t agree more!

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