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The Circus Held The Puma Chained For Years. But Now His Life Has Changed Forever.

The puma had spent all of his life in chains. But now, he’s free.

When he was a little kid, Mustafa was sold to a circus in Peru. At the circus, he spent all of his days in chains. He traveled with the circus from village to village. And when he didn’t perform he slept behind the tent poles of the car’s loading platform.



“It was absolutely the most sad, wretched thing that you’ve ever seen, to see a beautiful animal pushed into a corner,” Jan Creamer, president of Animal Defenders International (ADI), told The Dodo. “It was like he wasn’t even alive.”





ADI have saved a lot of animals kept in a circus, but even with help from the police it’s not that easy. This time, the head of the circus bursted out and offered the town money if they helped out to stop ADI and the police from saving the animal. A lot of people went there and a big fight emerged. But after one hour the head of the circus handed in the towel when he realized he could get sentenced if he continued.



Mustafa and the other animals at the circus was saved, and now they will be free. But ADIs work is far from done. There are a lot of animals in the same situation and they will continue their work until they save all of them.

Circuses often travel through villages and on small roads to avoid getting caught. ADI also thinks that the circus who chained Mustafa is keeping more animals hidden in other places.



I’m so happy organizations like ADI exists. No animals should be kept in chains!


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