The dog Charlie has something to say to his mom – now watch when he opens his mouth

Dogs are real social animals. They rush to the door and welcome you when you come home, they love to cuddle, and they’re more than happy to sleep at their mom or dad’s feet.

But did you know that they also like to talk?

Just ask the dog Charlie. There’s nothing he enjoys more than having a little chat in the kitchen with his mom.

But there’s just one problem… It’s a little hard to make out exactly what Charlie is trying to say.

Maybe he’s telling his mom about his day, or perhaps, he’s explaining how good his new toy is. Or maybe, Charlie just wants to hear his own voice when he howls, “Blah, blah, blah…”

Regardless, this adorable video is spreading like wildfire right now and once you see it, you’ll know why! Check it out below:

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