Dog looks out at sea – then a dolphin jumps out to steal a kiss

I like all kinds of animals, but some, I prefer a bit more than others. Dogs and dolphins are two very good examples of animals I am very fond of. Both are smart, adorable, friendly, and sociable creatures. You can just imagine my glee then, when I came across this video that features the two amazing creatures.

Not only does the video showcase two animals I love very much… it captures them in the sweetest act ever.

Have a watch for yourself below. 


A couple of boaters were out one day with their two dogs. And what a pleasant surprise it was to suddenly find themselves surrounded by two lovely dolphins.

The friendly dolphins don’t hesitate to get close. For one of the dolphins, it’s one of the dogs on the boat that is of particular interest. Indeed, it appears the pup stole his heart – the playful dolphin hops right out of the water and steals a kiss:) Doggie doesn’t seem to mind.

Check out the video below – it brought a huge smile to my face!

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