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The Dog Was Abandoned And Near Death But Rescued By The Vet. Now Watch When He Eats With Her.

Andy Mathis is a veterinarian in Elberton, Georgia, USA. But more simply put, Andy is a man with a heart of gold. Recently, as he was about to leave from work for the day, a woman called in. She’d encountered a starving pitbull along a dirt road. With no one else to take care of the poor dog, Andy agreed to take her in. The dog was in bad shape. At first, Andy was certain she had to be put down… but his caring, veterinarian side kicked in. He sought other’s advice… as well as his heart’s. The dog is now steadily improving, day by day. Read the full, heartwarming story below.

Here’s Andy’s story:

“On Friday night, Jan 29, someone called about finding a stray dog, in bad shape, on a dirt road out in the county. They couldn’t keep her, couldn’t afford to treat her, etc., but they said, “I can’t just leave her here. what do I do?”

I told her to bring her in, I might have to euthanize her, but I need to see her first, and then decide from there.”

When she came in, Andy found the dog “emaciated, starved (20 lbs) dehydrated, hypothermic (temp of 95), anemic, and with a vaginal prolapse.”



So he posted on Facebook for advice:

“Y’all, I need your advice. Practical Me says I should put her to sleep, but Veterinarian Me wants to try and give her a chance.”

His friends responded, “Try, especially, if she still has a will to live. Try.”

And that’s what Andy did.

A few days later, the dog, since named Graycie C after her color, was eating and more relaxed, had gained some weight, and her blood levels slowly improved.

“She’s been eating for the past 2 days, but not so comfortably, unless I leave the room, so today I decided to sit in the cage with her.”

Andy revealed a video where he sits down with Andy Mathis Graycie C in her cage in an attempt to encourage her to eat breakfast. At this stage she is doing much better than when she originally brought to him, but she still has difficulty with trust. He eats out of a dog bowl to show that they are equal. Thanks to Andy’s gentle way of treating her with dignity and respect and reverence, he slowly wins her trust.



Andy continues to post updates about Graycie C on his centre’s Granite Hills animal care Facebook page.

“Hopefully, she’ll learn to trust people quickly, and be ready for a home and family very soon,” Andy says.



You can watch the full, moving video below, which has already had over 40,000 likes and 70,000 shares on Facebook. Please share if you thought what Andy did was just stunning!

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