The Family Leaves The Front Door Open. When They Return 5 Minutes Later, They Found Goliath On The Couch.

Goliath the cow was rescued by a family from a farm where she mistreated. The family brought her to their own farm where she and the family dog quickly became friends. As it turned out, the dog would influence Goliath’s behavior in the most fascinating and adorable way.

The photo of Goliath on the couch has spread like wildfire on social media in recent days. According to the family’s daughter, who tweets as ‏@shaysaprocky, they left the front door open for 5 minutes. When they returned, they found Goliath sitting comfortably on their couch.

As if that were not enough Goliath loves dog food.

And last but not least, Goliath loves to be pet and scratched. The family’s daughter tweeted that Goliath really seems to believe that she is a dog. And I have to agree that the evidence is strong.

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