The Horse Is Left To Die On The Mountain. Then A Stranger Walks Miles To Rescue Her And Bring Her Home.

Seeing animals suffer always pains me deeply. But even worse is when an animal is suffering completely alone, without anyone to help or care for it. This was the case for one particular horse who suffered a terrible predicament. The black horse was discovered way atop a mountain, abandoned there without food, or water. The horse had absolutely nothing – except her lonely and very sad self.

The elderly horse’s condition was deteriorating by the day. She was so thin that her bones were visible under the skin. She also had a severe skin infection.

The poor horse was dying, with all odds against her.



But after some time, the horse’s luck would change. A kind woman came across her one day, and decided she would try to help.



Because the terrain was so rough, she had to walk all the way up the mountain to fetch the horse and bring her down.



When the horse was finally back down from the mountain, her finder took care of her. She bathed and fed her, and made sure to take care of her infection. All this was of course topped off with loads of love, affection and compassion. She named the horse Bones.



Slowly but surely, Bones began to improve. And by the time she became stronger, she had already made plenty of friends.

Nine months later, Bones was feeling in shape and was happy again.



Nevertheless, the damage that Bones had suffered was very serious, and she never fully recovered. Two and a half years later, Bones sadly passed away. Despite this sad ending, it’s of great comfort that her last few years alive were full of love and care. Bones could pass on knowing what it was to feel loved again.

All praise to the wonderful woman who rescued her and gave her a chance at happiness again – and rest in peace Bones!

Watch the video on Bones below:

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