Owner tosses tiny puppies off bridge – see them reunite with mom 3 days later

It always shocks me how people can abuse animals. For me, it’s unthinkable to deliberately torment an innocent animal, I can’t even (and don’t want to) imagine how it would feel to do this. But there are people who completely cold-heartedly dump their pets as if they were trash.

This is a story of one such case. Fortunately, it ends well on this occasion.

Dog Precious had terrible owners. When her puppies were 10-weeks-old, her owner took them to a bridge and tossed them off of it. Precious meanwhile remained with her cruel owners.

Thankfully, all four pups miraculously survived without injury.

They were discovered by a passerby and ended up at an animal shelter. The police then immediately began seeking the owner of the heinous crime. It was eventually discovered that it was a couple in their 30s who’d dumped the young pups – and also discovered Precious – whom they persuaded to surrender. That day was probably one of the best in Precious’ life.

So, just a few days after her puppies were thrown off a bridge, Precious was reunited with her little family. She could not be happier.

But the story does not end there. News about Precious and the cruelty her puppies faced ended up on local news. Since then, hundreds have sought to adopt Precious, with many others donating food to the small family.

Fair to say that good balanced out the bad in this case!

Watch this video of Precious reuniting with her puppies. 

I really hope that all members of this lovely family end up in the loving homes they deserve, and are never exposed to such cruelty again! Please share with everyone you know if you do, too!

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