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These 2 Best Friends Lost Everything, But Thanks To Some Animal Lovers, They Still Have Each Other.

There are thousands and thousands of street dogs in the world. Some of them were born on the street and have spent their entire lives there. Others were pets before they were abandoned and had to fend for themselves. Bambi and Booboo were two of the latter.

Though they weren’t completely alone in the world—they did have each other.

Bambi and Booboo were abandoned in a parking lot in Florida. Their owner simply drove them there, tossed them out of their car, and left them. The two dogs sat and waited there for what must have felt like an eternity. They were alone, confused and utterly terrified. To anyone who saw them there that day, it was clear they were quite close, as Bambi and Booboo sat close together and seemed to seek each other’s security.

Although they were afraid, Bambi and Booboo refused to leave the parking lot. They must have thought their owner would come and get them soon. Their owner never came back, but luckily, some animal lovers found the the two dogs and decided to take them under their wing. It would not be so easy.

Photo: Facebook

Bambi and Booboo, or girlfriend and boyfriend, as they’ve been called, wouldn’t let themselves be caught. But after a long struggle, animal rescuers managed to catch Booboo in a trap, while his girlfriend ran off.

After having searching for her all night, the animal rescuers realized that the only way to get Bambi was to use Booboo to lure her in. They took him back to the parking lot and waited. And as soon Bambi saw her boyfriend, she approached. The two were so desperate to be together again that Bambi jumped into the car by herself. She just wanted to be with her best friend.

Photo: Facebook

Fortunately, both dogs were in good health. They showed no signs of abuse besides the fact that they were abandoned. Their owner must have grown tired of the dogs and let them go in the hope that someone would find them and take care of them. If that was the case, then their owner chose just about the worst way to find them a new home. But anyway, I’m happy they’re in good shape today!

Photo: Facebook

Bambi and Booboo’s rescuers made one thing clear when it came to adoption: the couple shouldn’t be separated. And indeed they were, and now they’re doing great!

Watch the beautiful moment just after the dogs are reunited here:

Good luck Bambi and Booboo! I know you have a bright future ahead of you!

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