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They Call Him The World’s Most Beautiful Horse. When I See Him From The Front, I Understand Why!

That horses are one of the most beautiful creatures that roam the earth is a common perspective. Yes, there are many horse-lovers out there, and I am certainly among them. But nothing prepared me for the beauty of this horse! So I will say it, and I don’t say this lightly – but Frederik the Great may be one of the most beautiful horses I’ve seen.

Frederik is a 9-year-old Friesian Stallion horse that has won many awards for his fine looks. He lives in the United States and has actually been called the world’s most beautiful horse.

And indeed, one look at him, and I was truly in love. Just take a look at him elegantly running around in a pasture in the video below.

The film has been seen by nearly 5 million people, and after looking at Frederik the Great, I understand why.

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