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They Find An Abandoned Dog On The Street. But What They Discover Around Its Neck Shocks Animal Lovers Worldwide.

Roxanne had a rough start in life. The one-year female was found abandoned on a street in South Carolina with a 6-pound (2.5 kg) chain around her neck. She’d been wearing it for so long that it cut into her skin, creating a deep wound around her neck.

Luckily, things ended well for Roxanne, but be warned—there are some unpleasant images below.

No one knows how long the chain was wrapped around Roxanne’s neck, but her head was badly swollen from wearing it.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were shocked when they took Roxanne in and saw how badly she had been treated. They immediately took her to a veterinarian.


Roxanne was malnourished and weighed about 44 pounds (20 kg) when she was found. The first thing veterinarians did was remove the chain. This was no easy task.

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The large chain was tight on the dog’s neck and vets had to cut it off with a bolt cutter. I can’t even imagine how painful it must have been.

As soon as the chain was gone, vets had another problem on their hands.

It was unclear if Roxanne would even survive. The chain had cut deep into her skin and created an open wound. But Roxanne was a good sport!


It wasn’t long before the swelling went down. Now, Roxanne looks like a completely different dog!

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She has a long road ahead of her. Now that the swelling has gone down, you can see even more clearly how malnourished she is. But Roxanne seems to be very hopeful about the future!

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I think Roxanne is going to have a wonderful life now. Finally, she’s among people who care about her, and above all, she’ll never be tied up in chains again!

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