They were separated as puppies – now watch their reunion 4 years later

Puppy siblings can become almost inseparable in the first few weeks of their lives – running around, playing, sleeping and eating together.

That’s why it is a bittersweet moment when a new owner turns up to give one of the puppies a loving new home – they’re likely to be in for a fun life, but it means waving goodbye to their brothers and sisters, probably forever.

Eight such puppies at the Animal Haven Shelter in New York had just this experience – they had even earned the nickname ‘the Adams family’ before they were separated. 

But their owners seemed to recognize and remember this, as four years later the siblings were brought back together for a wonderful reunion.

The puppies loved to play with each other while they were at the animal shelter, and were simply adorable.

Then one day, one of the puppies – Pubert – was adopted by Laura Lane, who renamed her Samo and took her home.

Samo seemed to fit straight in at home.

And she got taken out on lots of adventures – like swimming for the first time.

Playing on the swings.

But one day, Laura decided that it might be nice to get Samo and her family back together again. Little did she know how they would react. They still loved each other.

The dogs were thrilled to see each other again.

And they became one big family once again.

Watch the full video of the episode below:

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