They Hear Cries From A Drain Pipe. When I See What They Pull Out… Heroic!

Two passerbys were just going about their business, when suddenly, they heard strange cries coming from a drain pipe nearby… They stop to investigate… and some time later… they are pulling out two tiny innocent creatures.  The determination and courage it takes to do something like this is just remarkable. That’s what I call heroes!

The video begins with quite some suspense. Two people are pulling and pulling on a rope leading out of a drain pipe with all their strength. The process is painfully slow.

Suddenly, a pair of shoes stick out of the dark pipe and what I see then makes me gasp.

Unfortunately, I know little about these heroes but one thing is for sure, they are angels that deserve to be recognized. After this amazing rescue, the video presents us with the precious little animals that were luckily saved.

I hope whoever was responsible for doing something so heinous to innocent creatures could be identified and adequately punished.

Thank goodness that there are people out there who care! Watch the wonderful rescue in the video below.

Respect for this womanUnbelievable what this woman did

Posted by American Pit Bull Terrier on Thursday, 17 September 2015

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