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They Stuffed Endangered Birds Into Water Bottles. Doing This To Earn Some Extra Cash Makes Me So Angry.

Sometimes I don’t understand how people think. How can anyone do this to innocent animals? It’s such a relief that the birds were rescued.

This Monday, police found 24 Yellow-crested cockatoos crammed into water bottles to get them through customs at Port of Tanjung Perak in Surabaya, Indonesia.

But Indonesian Police discovered the birds and cut them free so they could receive medical attention.

Picture: Twitter.


The Yellow-crested cockatoos are endangered and the population is at a critical low due to deforestation and poaching and recent studies suggest there may be less than 7,000 individuals remaining.

If the smugglers would have succeeded, the endangered cockatoos can be sold for as much as 950 USD each. But it was lucky that the police got there in time! The cockatoos received medical treatment when they were released, but it’s still uncertain if all the birds survived.

I can not understand why people do this to innocent animals! Boo for these people!


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