This Cat Will Mesmerize You With His Eyes And Leave You Helpless Against His Power Of His Cuteness.

Usually, when someone’s about to show you a surprise, they ask you to close your eyes first. Then, when the time is right, you open them back up, and… ta-da!—you’re in for a moment of shock. But this time, it’s the eyes themselves that are the surprise. So no need to close your eyes—it’s this cat’s turn. But before he opens his eyes back up again, I’ll ask Coby to introduce himself. Ahem… “I have big blue eyes & an even bigger personality. I love tuna, stealing covers & playing with my ducky in the tub.” Okay, are you ready? Coby, open your eyes! (Scroll down to see Coby’s surprisingly mesmerizing eyes and prepare to fall in love.)  

Coby is a British Shorthair with his distinctively chunky body, dense coat, and broad face. But what sets him apart are his clear blue eyes.


Facebook/Coby The Cat


And those eyes have quickly made Coby Internet-famous with 334,000 followers on Instagram and about 10,000 on Facebook.


Facebook/Coby The Cat


Coby has his manic moments but remains forever adorable…


Facebook/Coby The Cat


Even when he goes outside and realizes he doesn’t like snow.


Facebook/Coby The Cat


He has the heart of a lion, but somehow, he doesn’t seem so fierce.


Facebook/Coby The Cat


That’s okay, though. You don’t need to be king of the jungle when you’ve got eyes as enchanting as these.



Facebook/Coby The Cat


To keep staring into Coby’s baby blues, check out his pages on Instagram and Facebook!



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