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This Crow Has Mastered The Art Of Practical Jokes, Can’t Stop Teasing Cute Dachshund.

Everybody likes a practical joke. That is unless you’re the butt of it. And in this case, the lovable dachshund in the video below is literally the butt of the joke. The scene starts after the dachshund’s owner has tied him up to a railing for a little while. Meanwhile, a crow, seeing that the pooch is tethered and unable go very far, decides to take advantage of the situation and do its best Charlie Chaplin impression. The owner of the dachshund may or may not be the person filming this whole episode. And he or she may or may not be guilty of distracting the dachshund with a cute poodle. Either way, the adorable dachshund is a good sport and definitely deserves a treat. See the hilarious video below and share with any of your friends who could use a chuckle!

Bird vs. Dog Bum Cheeks

The cheekiest bird around…

via: JukinVideo

Posted by The LAD Bible on Friday, February 26, 2016

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