This dog's reaction when he's finally adopted is priceless

This dog’s reaction when he’s finally adopted is priceless

We often hear about animals being adopted and how this helps drastically improve their lives. They go from feeling unloved and neglected to their very own forever home, surrounded by love and tender care. 

One shy shelter dog named Benny had just that experience. And his joy when discovering he’d finally been ‘chosen’ is, as you’ll see in the video below, unbounded.

Benny was living at the Carson Animal Care Center in California for what felt like ages. All he could do was sit and wait for someone to come and “save” him. He did this week, after week, until finally that day came. 

He was at last going to be part of his very own loving family – and this dog must have just known how wonderful that would be, because his reaction?

Absolutely priceless.

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