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This Fluffy Kitty Might Have The Most Adorable Eyes You’ve Ever Seen.

Everybody loves a cat with a big personality and even bigger eyes. And having a way with the camera doesn’t hurt, either. Put these all together and add Instagram and you’ve got Gimo—an adorable little fluffy who’s all eyes. He’s been been stealing the scene over at 1room1cat on Instagram for the last couple of months and now he’s taking over the Internet.

Gimo’s giant eyes are undeniably cute!


He can pretend to be invisible, but he’s not fooling anyone. We still see those adorable eyes!

Ett foto publicerat av bellcat (@1room1cat)

It doesn’t matter if he’s working for his breakfast…

Ett foto publicerat av bellcat (@1room1cat)

Hanging out with a pal…

Or just looking at the camera… He’s permanently cute!

Sure, Gimo may look like a ball of fur, but this cat can move!

And he’s certainly moved us with that face of his.

If you’re an instant Gimo fan, follow him on Instagram and share this article with your friends!

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