This Guy Just Can’t Stop Adopting Shelter Dogs And Farm Animals.

Steve Greig may be an accountant, but it would be hard for him to calculate his affection for animals. A lifelong animal lover, Steve can’t stop bring animals into his life. And his household has grown to quite an impressive collection of family members.  

Steve Greig shares his home in Denver, Colorado with 10 dogs…

ADOPT #adopt ( And in case anyone wants to know, I got my shirt from @thetreekisser )

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Including pooches both short and tall…

When everyone else is taller than you, it helps to be well dressed. Englebert. #walkswithgiants

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As well as young and old…

But the thing they all share in common is that Steve took them all in from his local shelter, where he purposely chooses the most unadoptable dogs—usually seniors.

And Steve doesn’t just take in dogs. There’s also Bikini…


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Two chickens, two ducks, two pigeons, a couple of cats, a rabbit, and a pond full of koi fish.

But as you can see from how clean he keeps his house, Steve is not crazy or a hoarder.

Its easier to relax when you surround yourself with those that relax so easily. #seniorspeed

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He’s just a bighearted guy with an exceptional love of animals who dedicates his life to their happiness.

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