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This Image Of Tigers Has Thousands Scratching Their Heads. How Many Do You See?

At first glance, there’s nothing unusual about the photo of some tigers that Alex Rodriguez posted on his Facebook page. A family of four good-looking tigers are featured on it – nothing more… right? But then Alex threw out a question: How many tigers are actually in the picture? The fascinating illusion has since acquired hundreds of thousands of reactions from people completely puzzled by the correct answer… And I have to admit that I am one of those people! The question now is: Are you? Take a look below and find out!

Okay, so take a good look at the picture. How many tigers can you see?

Source: Alex Rodriguez (Facebook)


I can confirm that there are more tigers than the family you see in the middle. Look around in the nature… and you will see more. Try again!

Source: Alex Rodriguez (Facebook)


Okay, are you ready for the answer?

Wait for it…

… There are 16 tigers in the picture!

Bildkälla: Alex Rodriguez (Facebook)


How many tigers did you see? Share this on to your friends and see if anyone gets it right!

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