This Is Terrifying Pictures, But Everyone Will Understand Why Wild Animals In Circuses Are Wrong.

Wild animals do not belong in circuses. Period. This is an explicit example on how extremely wrong things can go when you force an animal to do things ain’t natural to them.  

In this circus number, the lions are supposed to sway together and then get in position. To seesaw up in the air ain’t normal for lions, or any animals for that matter. The trainers use cruel methods too.

But this time, the lions had it. First, one of them attacks the trainer, and later one more follows. The staff in the circus use water hose and sticks to ward off the lions. The crowd panics.

This video is awful, and I would like to warn sensitive viewers. I don’t know what happened with the trainer, but I hope they didn’t hurt the lions afterwards.

Despite terrifying footage, I want to share this with you. If we draw attention to this we may also put an end to this madness.

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