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This is what you should do if you see a dog with yellow bow on its leash – the reason is brilliant

Many dog lovers like to greet every pooch they meet with a cuddle and a pat — even if it’s a dog they’ve never met before.

And most dogs love getting a lot of attention.

But not all dogs.

In fact, some dogs need a bit of space.

Actually, there are several reasons why some dogs don’t want us humans to cuddle them.

For example, some dogs could be going through a phase where they’re afraid of humans. Perhaps they’ve been abused by a former owner and need some distance. Or they’re simply nervous and don’t like being around a lot of people or other dogs.

Then, there are puppies who are just learning how to interact with humans — it’s not always a good idea to smother them with love.

Service dogs, as well, shouldn’t be disturbed while they’re in training.

Simply put: It’s not always easy to understand which dogs want to be petted and which don’t.

And this is what sparked Tara Palardy from Alberta, Canada, to come up with a wonderful solution: The Yellow Dog Project.

The Yellow Dog Project aims to make the public aware of dogs who need space.

The way it works is that dog owners put a yellow bow on their dog’s leash, letting everyone know that their dog needs space.

And it’s good to remember that it doesn’t mean that the dog is dangerous, just that it simply needs or wants some extra space.

Some dogs, like this cutie, even use a yellow leash. This one lets everyone know that this pooch is “nervous.”

This dog is wearing yellow vest to let people know she’s on an important mission in her training as a service dog.

We think this is a clever idea that everyone should know about. Remember to always ask dog owners for permission before petting their pups. Most people will often say yes. But now you know to hold back when you see a dog wearing a yellow bow on their leash!

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