This Little Girl Doesn’t Let Her Disability Define Her, She Lets Her Voice Do That For Her.

The kids in this beautiful little girl’s class have probably never seen this side of her. And that’s unfortunate, because they may not know who their classmate truly is. A few of them might think of her as “the disabled girl” or “the girl in the wheelchair,” but her disability doesn’t begin to define her. So when she sang this song in their empty classroom recently, it’s a shame that her classmates were outside playing at recess. Her teacher, though, was at her desk and had a camera. Watching the video, I felt like she was reaching out and inviting me to look into her soul. And what a beautiful place it is! Even though she’s disabled, she clearly doesn’t let it hold her back. And while she’s surely faced her share of struggles in life, it’s obvious when you hear her sing that her spirit has prevailed. The song she sings, “I Will Always Love You,” made famous by Whitney Houston, is the standard that all divas are judged against. Still, this girl’s version may be the most moving version I’ve ever heard. So I hope her teacher showed her classmates this video so can they see her for the diva and beautiful soul she is.  

Celebrating The Ability

Everyone is fighting their own personal battle. The love this girl has shines through in her ability, not her disability. #LoveWhatMattersVideo courtesy of Marcos e Claudio Oficial

Posted by Love What Matters on Saturday, February 27, 2016

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