This Mother Cat Brings Her Kittens To Meet An Unlikely Old Friend And Something Amazing Happens.

The moment when we finally introduce our children to a dear old friend is a special one. It’s as if our two worlds are colliding and each side finally gets to see who we’ve been telling stories about all these years. And after watching this video, which was recently uploaded to YouTube, I’m convinced that animals cherish the moment when they introduce their babies to their best friends, too. In the short clip, a mother cat brings her kittens to meet her friend who happens to be a dog. And the dog must be quite a close friend, because as soon as the mother cat introduces her kittens to it, she steps aside and lets her kittens be alone with it. Watch how much trust the cat places in the dog as her kittens play with her old friend. I never thought I’d see a cat allow her kittens to do that, but as you’ll see, this is one beautiful friendship!

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