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This Picture Of Police Dogs Waiting For Food Is Spreading Like Wildfire All Over The World.

What an eye-sight! The photo is reported to be from a dog training centre in China. In the picture, there are six dogs patiently queuing up to get food from their trainer. It’s not clear when this particular photograph was taken or by whom. But a dog police trainer from the academy have explained to People´s Daily Online – according to Daily Mail – that it is a tradition for dogs to queue like this during practise. – A good police dog needs to meet these four requirements: good looking, big appetite, courageous and possessive, said a police dog trainer.  

Photo: Reddit


The picture of the dogs have been spreading online like a wildfire the last couple of days and several of the largest newspapers in the world have written about it.

Isn’t amazing that our four legged friends can manage this with some training? Below, you have an old picture from Finland. That is dogs guarding external borders, and exactly like their Chinese colleagues they are waiting for food. The picture is reported to origin from 1940.


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