This Puppy’s Table Manners Are Better Than Those Of Most Of The Humans I Know!

Most people these days don’t take the time to even realize they’re eating, let alone give thanks for the food on their plate. Sure, people in some countries celebrate Thanksgiving, but that’s only once a year. I, myself, have been known to gently elbow my way to the food table at pot luck dinners and finish a bag of chips before I realize I’m eating. So when I saw this video, I had to admit: this puppy has better table manners than I do. Eleven-week-old Kahlua doesn’t make a made dash when he sees his owner heads toward his food bowl and he doesn’t gobble up the kibble as soon as his bowl is full. Instead, he brings all the manners of a dignified human from 50 or 100 years ago to his daily eating ritual. Watch Kahlua as he turns eating a bowl of puppy chow into a dignified meal.

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