This Toddler And Her Dog Show Why Every Family Should Have A Pet. So Unbelievably Sweet.

This sweet video features the unbelievable friendship that has grown between a family dog, a Beagle named Charlie, and a toddler daughter, Laura. Charlie has been with the family since Laura’s birth. Parents Daniel and Julia Drzewiecki are quite proud of the beautiful relationship that has blossomed between their family’s cherished pet and their beloved little girl. “They eat together, they play together and sleep together. They are just the best of friends,” Daniel told When I witnessed their amazing relationship for myself, my heart melted a little. Their interaction is just some of the cutest I’ve ever seen between child and pet. You can just see their affection for one another. I think this video really proves the kind of deep love that can develop between a child and a dog. I wish the two many, many more years of playfulness, cooperation, and joy! Take a look for yourself in the video below.  

I think Laura and Charlie can brighten up anyone’s day, no matter how gloomy, so feel free to pass their video on and make someone smile!