This Zoo Knows Exactly Who To Cage. Now These Images Are Spreading Like Wildfire.

It’s not always easy to share the planet with the most curious of animals: man. But the Orana Wildlife Park in New Zealand may have just found the perfect solution.

This image and clip really make you think: Who is it that should be caged in anyway?

Source: Facebook


I think putting wild animals in cages just so people can view them is not natural. On the other hand, it is natural to be curious and want to observe all kinds of fascinating creatures up close. So how to solve this?

The Orana Wildlife Park in New Zealand seems to have come up with a brilliant solution. Their “open range zoo” turns things around from the traditional zoo…

Instead of lions lingering in cages, it is their visitors who do so. Meanwhile, the lions are free to interact and live in an environment that is as close to their natural wildlife habitat as possible.

The approach has been widely celebrated, and images from the Wildlife park have emerged, contributing to the larger debate about keeping animals in captivity.

“Love it! Cage the people NOT the animals! View animals in THEIR own environment not OURS!:),” says one commenter about the Facebook photo that is going viral.

Set across a 800,000 square meters area, the zoo does its best to mimic the animals’ natural environment — but naturally can only go so far in doing so.

Personally, I think this is still much better than a traditional zoo. At the least, the idea that we ‘adapt’ to these amazing creatures, and not the other way around. is very interesting.

What do you think? Share your comments on whether you agree or not.

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