Tigers That Have Never Swum Before Are Adorable When They Go For Their First Swim.

Tigers That Have Never Swum Before Are Adorable When They Go For Their First Swim.

Siberian tigers Carli and Lily lived in a small, dirty cages when they were rescued by animal welfare workers. The tigers, who were starved and dehydrated, were taken to the Safe Haven Rescue Zoo in Nevada, a sanctuary where wild animals are rehabilitated after spending a long time in captivity. The sanctuary then began the long and difficult process of helping the big cats live as tigers again. And when the staff realized that Carli and Lily had never swum before, they built a custom designed pool for the pair. So how do Carli and Lily react when they go in the water for the first time? Prepare yourself for a magical moment…

In some US states, it is still legal to keep wild lions, tigers, and other felines as pets. I find this completely incomprehensible, since it so often leads to these wild animals living their whole lives trapped in small cages.

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Two years ago, around 20 animals were rescued from a farm in New York state after a breeder lost its license. The complex kept lions, tigers, and bears in isolated in small cages without food or water.


Two 12-year-old female tigers named Carli and Lily were among the rescued animals that day. Because Carli and Lily had lived together all their lives, Safe Haven Rescue Zoo, which takes care of several cats that were abused by their owners, was gracious enough to receive the two cats and keep them together.

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As part of the process of letting the tigers learn to be tigers, the staff built a small pool for the beautiful tiger females. And the reaction of Carli and Lili when they swim in water for the first time is truly priceless!

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