Tim, 8, couldn’t afford to go to riding camp – then he had an idea and started a business

For eight-year-old Tim Ringkvist from Sweden, horseback riding is his passion. He dreamed of going to riding camp in the summer, but when he learned that his parent’s can’t afford to send him, he didn’t lose hope and get depressed. Instead, he decided to earn the money to himself.

Tim started his own business making and selling headbands and keychains.

Tim Ringkvist is in second grade and lives with his mom, dad, little brother and their horses and pets in Motala, Sweden. In his spare time, Tim enjoys archery and horse riding, and hopes to one day become a professional rider..

“I think it’s fun to gallop and jump, so I’d like to go to a jumping competition and hope to compete for real soon. I even saw a video of gymkhana. It looked like fun and I want to try,” Tim told the Swedish newspaper Hippson.

Tim and his mom often ride their horses in the woods near their house. This summer, Tim wants to develop his skills by going to a riding camp. But the four-day program costs a lot of money and would be difficult for his parents to afford.

But fortunately, Tim had a moment of inspiration. He remember a knotting technique that his father, Niklas, taught him. And now, he’s putting it to good use.

“I realized I could make headgear for horses, and I prefer color to glitter and bling. So you can get them in many different colors to suit your horse. I made a red one for my horse, Bellis. But she might only wear it when we compete,” Tim said.

Facebook/Tims knytverkstad

Now, Tim is hard at work weaving collars for dogs, headgear for horses, and keychains for humans. To help his business get off the ground, the young entrepreneur’s parents started a Facebook page for him.

Facebook/Tims knytverkstad

Some of Tim’s creations:

Facebook/Tims knytverkstad

It’s nice to see so much responsibility from an eight year old. The fact that he’s willing to work so hard to fulfill his dream is truly inspiring. Please share his story and help inspire other kids of all ages to never give up on their goals!

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