Tiny beast falls in love with his care giver – the game they play is the cutest thing ever

The Tasmanian devil has a bad reputation. But does it deserve it? If the only thing you know about this marsupial comes from the cartoon character Taz, you probably picture a troublemaker running around making a mess. But one look at this adorable baby and even the iciest of hearts will melt. Watch the video below and discover how wonderful these little devils can be!

The endangered animal, which can only be in Tasmania, is about the same size as a dog. But the little guy in this video is much smaller—he could fit in the palm of your hand.

Joey, as this Tasmanian devil is named, has really fallen for his keeper at the Devil Ark nature preserve in New South Wales, Australia. And it’s hard to say anything other than that Joey’s love is reciprocated.

Joey’s keeper gives him a tummy rub and it’s clear that the little fellow enjoys it. But their game of “follow the leader” is even cuter. It’s hard to explain how great this is—you just have to see it for yourself.

Tim Faulker, Joey’s keeper, said that he shared this video to raise awareness about how few Tasmanian devils are left and that he hopes it might help save the species from extinction.

See for yourself how cute little Joey is when he plays with his keeper:

All animals deserve to prosper. Please share this to video to raise awareness of about Tasmanian devils and the vulnerable position they’re in.


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