Tourists at this holiday destination are tricked into eating dog – sold as “chicken skewers”

Tourists in Bali are being tricked into eating dog meat, despite the fact that vendors insist they are selling chicken skewers.

At the same time, an animal rights organization is reporting that the dogs being served up as “chicken” are brutally killed.

The shocking information has been revealed in an undercover video shown on Australian television—and now the video is spreading around the world.

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ABC News Australia and the animal rights organization Animals Australia have pulled back the curtain on a dark secret bout the meat industry on the Indonesian island of Bali.

According to the two sources, foreign tourists have been unwittingly eating dog meat during their holidays, and the dogs used to supply the meat trade are often stolen, poisoned, and/or tortured.

Animals Australia recently wrapped up its months-long survey of Bali’s hidden meat trade. The organization’s revelations were then presented on ABC’s “7:30” program—and the media company has also released undercover footage showing unaware tourists being tricked into eating dog meat.

The sellers have two ways of tricking tourists into eating dog meat. The first is to outright lie and market dog meat as chicken. And the second is to not label meat clearly and let unwitting tourists assume they’re eating chicken when in fact they’re eating dog meat.

“Tourists will walk down a street, they’ll see a street store selling satay but what they are not realising is the letters RW on the store mean it is dog meat being served,” Lyn White of Animals Australia told ABC.

In addition, Lyn also claims that some dog meat is poisonous, as gangs often poison dogs before they’re slaughtered, writes the Daily Mail.

Satay is marinated meat on the skewers, usually served with sauce. It usually consists of mutton, beef, pork, fish, or tofu.

It’s not illegal to eat dog meat in Bali, according to ABC News. But Animals Australia’s video footage captures the moment when tourists specifically ask a satay seller for chicken—not dog satay—and are told by the man that he doesn’t sell dog meat. But earlier, the same seller told an undercover investigator working for Animals Australia that he was selling dog skewers.

The investigator secretly filmed the meetings and says he was even invited to work in the dog meat trade.

The investigator says he saw dogs being tortured after they were caught by the meat traffickers, and his undercover footage shows dogs being shot on the street and stuffed into bags before being slaughtered.

The subject has already received international attention and now the news is spreading around the world.

No dogs should have to suffer! And no tourists should be tricked into eating dog meat. This is terrible!

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