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Trinity Finally Receives Love After Living A Horrific Life As A Fighter Dog.

She was bruised, beaten, and had lots of scars from a cruel life as a fighter dog.

That was how Trinity was found when the heroes at the Best Friends Animal Society rescued her from her tormentors.

The damaged dog had severe scars and infected wounds on her legs, but her nasty owners couldn’t erase her unwavering will to live. Fortunately, Trinity was given a second chance in life, and although it might seem impossible to restore her confidence in humans after the atrocities she’d suffered, this brave and beautiful dog shows that you can love again. Nowadays, Trinity loves to hug, kiss, and play with people.

Since 1984, Best Friends Animal Society has made outstanding progress in animal welfare in the United States. The organization has reduced the number of animals killed at shelters from 17 million per year to about 4 million.

In a shocking, but moving video, Trinity makes an incredible transformation, both physically and mentally. It’s amazing to see what patience, a lot of love, and rehabilitation can do a vulnerable dog!

Note Trinity was in pretty bad shape when she was rescued, and some of these images may be uncomforable to watch. But when you see her today, you’ll be happy!

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