Twice a day, a deer named Flippen visits Mette, 80

Twice a day, 80-year old Mette Kvam gets a visit from a special friend at her home in Aurland, Norway.

For the past three years, a deer has visited her window every day, reports Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

Every morning and afternoon for nearly three years, the big deer has stood outside Mette’s window.

“He stands outside my window wanting bread,” Mette told NRK.

Now, the deer even has a name, Flippen. Mette says he loves cakes, and that the friendship began when the deer walked around the back of her house one day and jumped up to greet her when she was looking out the window.

Mette and the deer quickly became celebrities in Norway, and hunters in Aurland make sure not to shoot Flippen.

“In April, he goes up into the mountains and comes down again in November. Always alone. And he stands here outside the window waiting for his cakes,” Mette told NRK.

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