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UPS Driver Stops His Route To Save A Puppy That Was Dumped From Car.

A furry little bundle of love was delivered to safety recently, all thanks to a kind-hearted package delivery driver who refused to let her be in harm’s way.

Jason Harcrow, a UPS driver in California, was out making deliveries recently when a driver stopped his car, opened the door, and then proceeded to do something completely unimaginable. The person dumped a tiny, helpless puppy in the street and left it to fend for itself in traffic.

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Fearing for the dog’s safety, Harcrow sprung into action. He scooped the puppy up into his arms before she even had a chance to run into traffic.

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Because Harcrow was concentrating on saving the puppy’s life, he didn’t have time to write down the license plate number of the person who abandoned the dog. But at least the poor little puppy was safe.

Harcrow left his delivery route to bring the pup to a Hughson Police Department substation. Police there informed animal services, who are now readying to find her a new home.

“The puppy is in great spirits and will most likely be up for adoption at Stanislaus County Animal Shelter,” Hughson Police wrote on Facebook.

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Since Harcrow was on the clock and still had to make deliveries, he didn’t have time to give police his name. But fortunately, Harcrow’s coworkers recognized him when news of the rescue went online.

“We’re very proud of him. He’s a very good guy,” UPS supervisor Jessica Lafferty told the Modesto Bee.

I think so, too! When this puppy’s life was in danger, Harcow really delivered. What a hero!

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