Vets declare newborn puppy stillborn – 30 min. later, the impossible happens

Miracles do happen. And a good example of this is what happened back in 2013 at a veterinary clinic in Aurora, Colorado. A dog was brought in for an emergency caesarean and unfortunately, her sole puppy was stillborn. The tiny puppy showed absolutely no signs of life, and didn’t whine or breathe after being delivered.

Then 30 minutes later, a faint murmur came from across the room. The vets couldn’t believe their ears or eyes when they realized the sound was coming from the puppy.

Puppies that don’t show any signs of life during their first minutes of life rarely survive. This inexplicable situation can only be classified as a miracle, says one of the clinic’s vets. So to celebrate this incredibly unlikely survivor, they named her Miracle.

Meet the little miracle in the video below:

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