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Wally’s Melting People’s Hearts All Over The World And I See Why.

Wally is a rabbit who lives in Massachusetts, USA. The owner’s name is Molly and together they are the latest stars on internet heaven. He and his owner recently became famous on Instagram for their clever commentary, cuteness, and crazy haircuts. And when several sites draw attention to them it exploded. Wally is too cute! And yes, he’s for real.

Wally poses with a cute yellow bow.


Wally shows his big, adorable ears that look like angel wings.


Wally eat some food in a wheelbarrow.


Wally is happy!


Wally illustrate another one of his adorable accessories.


Dinner time!


Relaxing with new shoes.

Wally loves summertime.

Wally’s contemplating on a park bench.

“Hello there!”

Wally is the cutest thing right now!

If you, like me, can’t get enough of Wally you can visit Instagram.

Pictures: Instagram.

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