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Watch This Puppy Freak Out In The Most Adorable Way Possible When She Sees Herself In The Mirror For The First Time.

Oh, the joys of being a puppy! Everything’s a game when you’re running around on all four paws with your tail wagging. And happiness comes whenever you find a stick, a sock, or a ball. Remember, this is before all those complicated adult emotions like embarrassment, self-awareness, and shyness kick in. When her owner filmed her back in 2013, Fiona, the pure little corgi puppy, definitely wasn’t camera shy. No human paparazzi were going to keep her from having her fun. Throw the ball to her, and Fiona makes a free-spirited nose drive. Want the ball back? Fiona is uninhibited when she dribbles it in your direction. Until… What’s that in the mirror? That brown and white furry bundle of love? Sure, you might see a lovable pup, but when Fiona looks in the mirror, it’s game over. Check out the video to see Fiona’s priceless reaction to seeing herself for the very first time.

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