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When This Cow Was Put In A Trailer, She Was Terrified And Cried. But She Had No Idea Where She Was Going!

Emma is a sweetheart whose past will break your heart. Thankfully, the future has something completely different in store for her. When I watched this, what struck me the most is how these gentle creatures really seem to embody human qualities. Look closely into Emma’s eyes – can you really say she’s much different than us?

This video shows her locked up in chains in a trailer on her way to somewhere that can’t be good. She’s been raised to be eaten, and she’s never had a chance to make a friend or graze the fields with buddies of her own.




Her teary eyes show that she’s afraid for her life.


terrified cow 3


But as luck would have it, Emma wasn’t headed for a slaughterhouse, but for an animal sanctuary. When the farm she lived on faced bankruptcy, the owners decided to close. The last 25 cows were headed for slaughter.

But some animal lovers stepped in to save their lives. 

“We founded an association together with the farmer, whom we won over with the idea for our project,” the Kuhrettung Rhein–Berg sanctuary explains.

“The association’s goal is to create a sanctuary, so they may continue living in their familiar surroundings, under best animal welfare conditions, hopefully until the natural end of their lives.”

terrified cow 4


Thanks to the sanctuary, Emma got to make friends for the first time. And she’s having the time of her life!


terrified cow 5


See Emma and her friends in their amazing new setting below:



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