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When This Tiny Donkey Lost His Mother, These People Did Everything They Could To Help Him Keep His Sweet Spirit.

No young animal should be without a mother, but this baby donkey was left without his mom when she was recently hit by a car and killed on the Dutch Carribean island of Bonaire. Luckily, though, some kind folks came to the rescue. As soon as Marina Melis and her team at Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire heard of the donkey’s story, they brought him to Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire.    

Perry was a skinny little thing when they took him in. “This is the little one from last night, the mother died in an accident on the way to Rincon, you see he is very small but strong,” they wrote on Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire’s Facebook page.


donkey 2

Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire/Facebook


And he was happy to eat again. “As you see, he is drinking from the bottle and is so sweet and brave. He is with the other orphans in the stable than he doesn’t feel so lonely!”


donkey 4

Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire/Facebook


At this sanctuary—and with a little rest and relaxation—Perry should grow up strong and healthy.


donkey 1

Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire/Facebook


But Perry is far from the only donkey that Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire helped. They’ve taken in hundreds of donkeys over the last 23 years. But each donkey is important and the sanctuary ensures that every donley will be able live out its life far from the hard labor that it would have otherwise be subjected to.

donkey 5

Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire/Facebook

We’re so appreciative that Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire have given Perry a second chance. If you are too, visit their website and share this story with others who might appreciate it, too.

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