Wild deer snuggles up with woman and gives her a memory she’ll never forget

Animals simply never fail to surprise us. I find wild animals particularly fascinating. Watching them is like seeing nature at its finest.

Their behavior can, however, be surprisingly docile. And time and time again we have seen wild animals react with compassion, whether towards other animals or us humans.

But what we also know is they can be surprisingly sweet — like the deer in this video.

Wild deer are beautiful creatures. I love spotting one on the road — no matter how many times this happens, I never fail to get excited about it.

So I can only imagine what this lady from Alabaster, Alabama, felt one day while out sitting in her backyard, when a wild deer suddenly approached her.

But it gets crazier!

YouTube/Rumble Viral

The adorable deer then walks right up to her and lays its head in her lap — just like one’s pet dog might do!

Interactions with deer, however, are not to be taken lately, warn wildlife experts. Deer weigh significantly higher than humans and if approached and startled, they may inadvertently cause severe injuries. In addition, deer in a herd pose the threat of stampeding.

In this precious moment though, there appeared very little to be concerned about, and the woman could simply sit back and enjoy.

Thankfully, she calmly managed to grab her phone and started to film the incredible interaction, so you can see it for yourself below. I have certainly never seen anything quite like this!


Isn’t this is just adorable! Share with your family and friends if this super friendly deer brought a smile to your face, too!