Woman finds her dog shot by arrow – is stunned when she sees a detail on the shaft

Woman finds her dog shot by arrow – is stunned when she sees a detail on the shaft

I always get so angry when I hear about dogs or other animals that have been treated badly, whether by accident or on purpose.

This is the story of what happened to a beautiful golden Labrador retriever named Cosmos, who was found after the unimaginable had happened to him. He had been shot through the torso by an arrow.

And when his owner noticed a small detail on the arrow, she immediately told the police.

Cosmo is the Redick family’s beloved dog. He’s an essential member of the family and has been on all sorts of adventures with them.

But one day, Cosmo’s owner, Christine, got a phone call that no dog owner ever wants to receive. Her owner said that Cosmo was in her yard and that he had been badly hurt.

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“She came home from work and found my dog sitting in their yard with an arrow clearly through his chest,” Christine told News 5 Cleveland.

Badly injured, but conscious, Cosmo sitting on the lawn — and Christine rushed to his side.

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Christine took Cosmo straight to the hospital, where the doctor said she had two choices. Either put Cosmo down or try to perform life-saving surgery. Christine and her family chose the latter option — and thankfully, the operation was successful.

The X-rays showed that the arrow missed Cosmo’s heart and lungs by a few millimeters. To everyone’s joy, the golden Lab is expected to make a complete recovery from the terrible event.

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A clue on the arrow

Nobody knew who would’ve done this to the little dog. But the police soon had a clue.

Written on the shaft of the arrow was a name — the name of a 16-year-old neighbor.

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When the police confronted the teen, he confessed to shooting the dog. But he denied that he did it on purpose. He said he thought Cosmo was a coyote, which he tried to chase away.

Regardless of whether teenager’s story is true, I’m happy that Cosmo has a bright future ahead of him. Hopefully, he isn’t in pain and will forget that he was ever shot — and instead will enjoy the nice, happy life that he deserves.

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